Idiots on parade.
  • Idiots on parade.

A bunch of idiots opposed to Initiative 502 is marching through the streets. Not really a bunch, more like a cluster, maybe 40 or 50 of them. That's not enough people to really shut down two lanes of traffic, but they're doing it anyway, to call more attention to their idiotic views. Since these ridiculous, paranoid, stupid people insist on vocalizing their opposition to I-502 by parading said stupidity through the part of the street where cars are supposed to go, a great many cops have to look away from actual crimes being committed elsewhere to follow them. It's like a moron motorcade: Half a dozen cops on motorcycles at the front, a dozen or cops on bicycles on each side, two or three police vehicles bringing up the rear. But hey, freedom stupidity isn't free!

By the way, you fucking idiots, I502 does legalize marijuana, so your "Legalize not penalize!" signs make no sense, unless you seriously believe that there should never be penalizations for driving drunk, either. (The DUI provision in I-502 is what most of these idiots are opposed to.) Unless your problem is that taxing marijuana constitutes "penalizing" you (even though that tax money is going to do a lot of good for this state). It's lazy of me to put up a post criticizing these fucking idiots for being fucking idiots without taking the time to talk to any of these fucking idiots, but in my defense they're fucking idiots, and talking to them just isn't worth it. That's my political opinion!

If you are an idiot who wants to make some new friends just like you, they are said to be marching to Westlake. Everyone else, I suggest you do literally anything else. If you haven't read Dom's piece about I-502's supposedly pro-pot detractors, do it now.

And if you want a less vituperative critique of today's march, Dom's on it.