We Don't Normally Run Obituaries...


Oh, there's some hair to run some fingers through right there. I hope he got plenty of that in his time here. RIP.
2: There is no link, they just sent us the components of the obit.
Now if only there was a SLOG wake.
Yow! I knew Rony Weisel, who last I knew (late 1980s) had changed his name to Run Vzel. He was in theater classes at Reed College and did theater with some friends of mine in Portland. An interesting guy, kind of crazy, in the sense of being what they call a 'borderline personality' -- deeply self-absorbed, manipulative, charismatic yet kind of repulsive at the same time. He directed a production of 'Waiting for Godot' in which Estragon was a young pregnant woman...among other 'envelope-pushing' endeavors. I wonder what he died of?
Oh, my. He used to be on the Beacon Hill neighborhood mailing list. There was drama involved. I'll leave it at that.
There was always drama involved. I miss you Run. He loved me once and I loved him also. He bought me a beautiful ring and frog.