The Romney campaign has released a video celebrating last night's Texas win, which gave Romney more than enough delegates to secure the Republican nomination:

It's a weird video, full of hopeful imagery but narrated by Romney with language about failure and exhaustion. It reminds us that Romney has not yet managed to provide an alternative to Barack Obama's policies; he's only talked about how terrible things are now, but he hasn't been able to get very specific about what Mitt Romney's America will look like. And the worst thing for the Romney campaign is that nobody is talking about Romney's big win last night. They're talking about this:

They're talking about how Romney can't say no to Trump, because Trump has money. The Romney team isn't helping: Consider this accidental photo opportunity from yesterday (thanks to Slog tipper Gale for the link) that made Romney appear to be sponsored by Donald Trump. And maybe most of all, people are talking about Rmoney's Amercia. This isn't directly Mitt Romney's fault, of course, but it lends his whole campaign an air of ineffectuality.

The most important thing a campaign can do is get their messaging across. The Romney campaign is failing in their most important duty in two important ways: They can't keep the media focused on what they're trying to say, and what they're trying to say isn't effective. The fact that Romney can't seem to make his team do their jobs is especially problematic, because now that Romney is the official candidate, the RNC party goons are going to swarm in with their own ideas of what the campaign should be doing. If Romney can't merge the party with his campaign, this messaging problem is only going to get worse.