During a conversation I had with Drew Christie (he is on the 2012 Genius Shortlist for film):

This blew the shit out of my mind. You know how anti-gun control people love westerns. But I recently read that lots of cities back then actually banned guns. They had signs that said: no guns or leave your guns at the sheriff's office. They knew guns are fucking dangerous. You can't have a city with commerce, with governance, and people walking around drunk with guns.

Also, the NRA, the gun-crazy organization, wasn't always so nuts. It actually supported the 1934 legislation that controlled Tommy guns, sawed-off guns, and stuff like that. The NRA was more a sportsman kind of thing. They wanted the right to have guns for hunting. But in 1976, that all changed. There was a coup that replaced the sane leaders with ultra-right gun nuts. They changed the whole organization, made it more political, brought in the lobbyists and funding from the gun industry.

Christie's point? Gun advocates are not restoring an older and more American order of things but mostly inventing shit as they go along. A gun-friendly paradise did not exist in the past; it exists only now. Gun control is not unAmerican; it is simply the sane thing to do. It is insane for any big city not to have this sign: Leave your guns at the sheriff's office.