Slog tipper Ryan spotted this new development sign posted in the Eastlake Neighborhood:

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Here's a closer look at the proposed plan, if you can't read it in the above photo:

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  • Slog tipper Ryan
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Having sat through countless design meetings, I'd like to help the developers troubleshoot a few problems right off the bat. For instance, is the roof really the best place for a marshmallow fire pit?

And why do kittens get four times the floorspace of Dynamic Fort Construction? Kittens are tiny and they practically shit dander; many people are allergic. Wouldn't a succulent adoption center be more appropriate? And couldn't we then turn that center into more of a shelf—a succulent adoption shelf—and expand the Fort Construction?

And will the Pillow Pile Pavilion feature feather pillows or cotton? Because I guarantee that some people in Seattle—especially the ones with kitten allergies who spend their evenings attending public design meetings—are also allergic to feathers. And wheat/gluten. And pavilions. And heights. And fun.