Walker Wins: "Republican leaders throughout Wisconsin and the US released statements late Tuesday heralding the recall victory." Paul Constant tells us not to cry: "Anyone claiming to read some obscure truth out of the tea leaves of tonight's recall election is simply shoveling shit on a desperate deadline."

Women Lose: The Paycheck Fairness Act goes down in a shitty procedural vote. Wonkette tells us not to cry: "If the wage gap did exist—which it doesn’t, so don’t worry about it!—it might be from the stupid choices that women make. Or if it did, it would be OK, because it is already shrinking." Ha ha!

RIP, Ray Bradbury: The Fahrenheit 451 author has died. He was 91. See a lovely set of photographs of Bradbury here.

A Bloody Day in Afghanistan: More than 30 civilians were killed today in two suicide bombings and "a Nato air attack on a village home [that] killed up to 18 civilians who had gathered to celebrate a wedding."

Hosni Mubarak: Not feeling well. "Officials at Torah prison south of Cairo [say] Mubarak, 84, was suffering from shock and high blood pressure as well as breathing problems... days after he was sentenced to life in prison for failing to stop the killing of protesters in the uprising that unseated him last year."

UW Students: Trying to watchdog the university themselves while budget cuts slash classes and hike tuition.

Child Pierced by Syringe: In Aberdeen hotel bed. "The syringe, which was caked with dried blood, pierced through the mattress cover and poked Emily Smith's right heel as she crawled into her bunk bed at Guest House Inn and Suites."