Feeling confident he'd had a great fundraising month in May, Republican Rob McKenna last week released his total haul: $1.2 million.

Jay Inslee waited until the reporting deadline, and a short time ago went public with his May number: $617,179.

Confusingly, Inslee campaign manager Joby Shimomura is declaring: “May was a fantastic month for us."

I guess there's Inslee's continued (but small) cash-on-hand advantage to consider, and the union PAC money coming his way, and the transfers he'll be getting from the state Democratic party. But in terms of direct individual contributions to Inslee's campaign, this doesn't seem like a "fantastic" month.

Inslee spokesperson Jaime Smith counters: "We aren’t surprised by McKenna’s month. Nor are we worried. Money is only one measure of a campaign’s momentum (though by that measure we still lead in number of individual contributors and in cash raised, despite McKenna’s numbers). We had 500 people here for our office opening. We’ve already launched our field program and now have people on the ground around the state. And polling shows the race is a close one. These are all positive signs. We’re on the right track."