Last year, during his best three-month stretch, Jordan Golson sold about $750,000 worth of computers and gadgets at the Apple Store in Salem, N.H. It was a performance that might have called for a bottle of Champagne — if that were a luxury Mr. Golson could have afforded.

“I was earning $11.25 an hour,” he said. “Part of me was thinking, ‘This is great. I’m an Apple fan, the store is doing really well.’ But when you look at the amount of money the company is making and then you look at your paycheck, it’s kind of tough.

$11.25 an hour for a company whose...

...327 global stores took in more money per square foot than any other United States retailer — wireless or otherwise — and almost double that of Tiffany, which was No. 2 on the list, according to the research firm RetailSails.
Best Buy, for example, makes $823 per square feet; Apple makes $5.647. Best Buy pays $9.99; Apple $11.91. To better grasp the scale of this exploitation: 30,000 of Apple's 43,000 employees in the US work in Apple Stores.