From a "Savage Love" reader...

GOProud's response to your post yesterday is very revealing, especially "Dan Savage calls us names. #ItGetsBetter?", and all the subsequent fake outrage from them accusing you of engaging in "anti-gay bullying."

Let's consider the intended audience for all this. Do you really think any gay man or woman who's grown up in the USA read those tweets and thought, "Yes, raising the issue of anti-gay bullying and the 'It Gets Better' Project is completely appropriate. I mean, Dan Savage squabbling with GOProud on Twitter is exactly the same thing as the kind of bullying that drives 13-year old kids to commit suicide! Yes, the pain these conservatives feel is exactly the same as that dark depths of anguish and hopelessness that I felt daily at school, thanks to years of torment at the hands of bigots!"


But let's say you were a Republican looking to GOProud to affirm your prejudices. The left is intolerant of other viewpoints? Check. They only respond with nasty vulgar insults? Check. Gay people are hypocrites? Check. GOP rulz? Check check check.

Obviously GOProud doesn't speak for gay people. They're also not speaking to gay people. The whole thing is a sham. GOProud is a comedy skit—funny in the same way Dave Chappelle's black Klansman sketch was funny.