GOP congressional candidate Samuel "Joe the Plumber" Wurzelbacher explains how he accepted Jesus and became a Christian after his youth pastor asked him to compare his high school science textbook to the Bible.

"He put the Bible on one side and I put the science book on this side and he said "Okay, now read the cover... 'revision seven.'" And he said "Now look at the Bible. What's it say?" I said "The Holy Bible." And he says "You see any revisions on it, Joe?" I said "Well, no." He says "Well, the reason why is because this is God's word. It was right the day it was penned as it is now as it will be in a hundred years or thousand years."

Joe says it hit him like "a ton of bricks," and it was right then and there that he "accepted Jesus at Frisch's Big Boy." Which, for all the reasons I've heard people give for accepting Jesus, has got to be one of the stupidest., the site I link to in my weekly Slog Bible Study posts, references about 150 different versions of the Bible, including 32 in English, and five different revisions of the widely used New International Version. Bibles are revised all the time, and the various translations often differ widely.

Science doesn't change—our understanding of it does. Just like our changing understanding of the Bible.

[Slog-tip: Peter]