How did I miss this? Last November, the Limerick-based Rubberbandits—the Irish boys who brought you the stupidly genius/geniusly stupid "Horse Outside"—released a new song. As far as I can tell, it's poking fun at the painfully artificial tokenism on TV and movies when writers try to assemble diverse "gangs" like Captain Planet and the Planeteers, or the most recent X-Men movie.* Not that diverse gangs are a bad thing, or that they don't exist. But sometimes it just feels goofy. Behold:

"I've got a Puerto Rican and a nervous Jew/An intimidating Russian with a fake tattoo/I've got a hot blonde with plastic boobs/But there's something missing from my crew/I need a black man!/In my gang/A black man doing black-man things." And I always love their dance moves.

* Thanks to Paul Constant, professional watcher of garbage—like the Republican primary debates!—for helping me with examples.


Commenter Zuulabelle pointed me towards "I Like to Shift Girls" which is also a marvel. Two new Rubberbandits song in one day! Too much good stuff! Video below the jump.