The U.S. Supreme Court will rule on Obamacare this morning: Probably at around 7 a.m. PST.

If they're a little late, give them a break: They're old.

The different types of rulings that there could be: Here's that handy choose-your-own-adventure again.

A summary of the issues at play: You're very welcome.

Why you should start by reading the dissents: According to Linda Greenhouse.

Why Scalia should resign: By E.J. Dionne Jr.

Why Obama's legacy is at stake: And how this fight has been going on for 100 years.

What Romney doesn't want: "Celebrations that could alienate voters who could lose health care benefits through the decision."

Super Guppy en route: Arriving Saturday.

And another reason the west coast is better: Recycling! Says the New York Times:

Pioneers like Portland, Seattle and San Francisco have become so good at waste diversion that it is becoming harder to get much better.