Something Called "Fairy Circles" Exists


But what about these? The don't show up around Seattle much, but we had them everywhere where I grew up.
african fairies... charles ?

I think you people must live your lives entirely among exotic peoples to be so ignorant.

A while ago it was "some dying aboriginal American language uses impersonal statements, which *never* occur in any other language, right?" Now it's (impersonal statement, btw) "something improperly titled a 'fairy circle' is in Africa."
@3 - Ahem.…)

Different things can use the same name sometimes.
@1 That was the very first thing I thought, too.
Dude, "a report from Wired"? It's an article published in ScienceNOW, a news digest produced by Science, the journal put out by the AAAS and the most prestigious general-science journal in the country (although slightly infamous for publishing things that are exciting but not actually true - see Life On Mars or Arsenic DNA). The story has merely been rehosted with permission by Wired, as it makes perfectly clear. It's a news story about a paper in PLoSone, a genuine peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing papers whose data are methodologically sound (but papers that are not necessarily interesting, or not necessarily solid in the conclusions they draw). Wired has precisely nothing to do with this; at most, you got there via Wired.
Boy, are their faces going to be red when they find out they're actually referring to the sexual stage of a giant fungus.
hey Jen Graves; what do the savvy Art people generally consider to be the best Art websites/blogs. You know; like there always used to be 3 or 4 really well made art magazines I would read at the newsstand. Whats the equivalent on the web? I'll check back to see if you respond.
They're a colony of mushrooms growing in a circle. Like ringworm. I can't believe people don't know this sh*t. Really.