Yup, Rob McKenna really said that. And you know what makes it even funnier? He said it in his own press release touting his receipt of the Washington Newspaper Publishers Association's 2007 "Freedom's Light" award for open government:

The public’s access to information is paramount to our society,” Attorney General McKenna said. “In fact, when trying to overthrow a society the first thing someone tries to do is seize control of the media and the information. The Constitutional founders, Bill of Rights’ authors and Supreme Court justices all understood this and lived to protect this right.”

The Washington Newspaper Publishers Association, an advocate for community newspapers, freedom of the press and open government, created the award in 1995 to honor individuals who have protected the public’s access to information.

Who knew at the time that rather than making an eloquent defense of democracy McKenna was actually plotting out a roadmap toward overthrowing it?