Rob McKenna on Rob McKenna: "When Trying to Overthrow a Society the First Thing Someone Tries to Do Is Seize Control of the Media"


Seriously, Goldy, let it go. You've had your cascade of posts, it was last week, and every damn time I open Slog I don't necessarily want to see you grinding your political axes, even if I agree with most of them. If you are constitutionally incapable of not harping on this in post after post, can you please at least put a decent chunk of them on HA or somewhere else so I don't have to see them?
Yes, please run every post by Madasshatter. I'm sure our democracy will be safe in her/his hands.
Harp on it as much as you want.

It bears pointing out, AGAIN AND AGAIN, how these golden words of "patriotism and freedom and liberty" flow out the Republicans' mouths and then they turn around and through their actions, do THE EXACT OPPOSITE.

Never gets old.
I'd like to see legal action. It's the only language he'll understand. That, or the losing of votes.

With what little tatters of truthful questioning and reporting are left in this country, this is worth fighting for.
@4 Considering what a shitty lawyer McKenna is, not sure he'd even understand legal action.
McKenna's planning a full overthrow of society now?
Goldy it's time you just accepted your destiny as a melodramatic old queen



Shouldn't Madasshatter create his or her own blog for the purpose of having approval authority for Goldy's posts?

Pretty much all Republican politicians and celebrities are.
75 years of unbroken Democrat rule in Wa State?

Someone has to annihilate the corruption.

STFU already.

The only post I want to see on this from you Goldy, is "The law suit has been filed". Until that happens, STFU about this already.
Goldy can post whatever the fuck he wants. Also: There are certain personality types that respond very predictably to people telling them to shut up about something...
Yeah clearly he has posted whatever he wants... For example:

Tomorrow at the AG’s office, let the polite petitioners do their thing, but if you’re pissed off at Rob McKenna for pandering to Teabaggers and threatening health care reform with his cheap political ploy, I encourage you to show up at his office and make a ruckus. Get loud, get angry, get threatening. I don’t particularly want to see any actual violence or property damage, but I’d love to see the genuine fear of it.
I think it couldn't be directed at a more deserving target. And if it's worth posting once, it's worth posting ad infinitum, right?…
Goldy persists on maintaining the pretense that someway, somehow he is a journalist. He is delusional. His research is half-assed. His epistemic closure is legendary. His writing is dreary and formulaic. His unending need to insert himself into the news should be reason enough to deny him entry into any event, not just those of his latest unhealthy fixation. I worry for the McKenna family rabbit.

Goldy reported that our state's Attorney General, a realistic contender for our next Governor, has so little respect for the First Amendment to the United States Constitution that he barred a reporter from entering his press conference.

Keep up the good work.
Phil M.
Were you referring to Goldy or McKenna?