Slog tipper Bill points out this bookish blog post from Andrew Sullivan:

The book, "El Libro que No Puede Esperar" (The Book That Can't Wait), comes sealed in a plastic wrapper. Once the wrapper is removed and the book is cracked, the ink begins to age; it's got a lifespan of less than two months. Just months after being opened, The Book That Can't Wait is filled with nothing but blank pages.

This is interesting, but it's not a new idea. William Gibson did this 20 years ago with Agrippa, a book of the dead, which took the form of a poem on a floppy disk that would erase itself after one reading. The floppy disk was published inside an art book that was designed to fade over time. Of course, Agrippa is not entirely gone: You can find a Quicktime emulation of the original floppy disk at this site.