An email sent from an inflamed man in Issaquah. Enjoy! (Sic throughout.)


I am a Penn State graduate so forgive me if I am a little "sensitive" to child molesters and pedohiles these days. This has been a trying time for us all. So therefore I take great offense every time I take my family to the Park and have to see THIS damn monstrosity which is an open invitation to child molestation (just like the article says).

Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about!!! In all seriousness have you people no shame? HUH? I mean, you got your marriage, you got your "president" who says to hell with all tradition and values, nobody is bothering you, hell you're even in the **** ARMY now!!! Aren't you PROUD??? But there are LIMITS. Read the article. The "benefacotr" was "proudly gay" and wanted a statue with a naked GROWN man and a little boy, both of them showing their p*nis to denote some kind of "gay love" and "diversity". How young is enough, Dave? HUH? And don't give me any crap. YOU in the gay community are the ones who need to speak out. If you don't denounce this GARBAGE then you are endorsing it, and the overly gay tendencies of "The Stranger" (even the name is like an advertisement for "gay") show what side of things you are on. WRITE AN EDITORIAL SAYING EVEN WE HAVE SOME SHAME AND PEDO STATUES ARE TO MUCH! Or don't wonder when the local MORAL and CHRISTIAN values coalition take matters into our own hands. Your "rights" have come at a great cost. And enough children have suffered because you won't "out" gay-doms dirty little secret: half of all gays show interest in CHILDREN, and this is now when you're going to see people GET ANGRY. SINCERELY [Name redacted because this idiot asshole's relatives have clearly suffered enough.]

P.S. And what I MEANT to say was that when all values go out the window, then predators like Sandusky can feel innobled and think "well if it's ok for a could of "guys" to get married, why not me?" You need to think about what your "rights" have done t a larger population. You create a climate of perversion. "Without GOD all is permitted" remember??? You better believe I'm ticked off over this, buddy, and if you think you can just say "HATE SPEECH" and have me harass, then go for it buddy A MAN DIED ON THE CROSS 2000 YEARS AGO BECAUSE HE WAS NOT AFRAID TO SPEAK THE TRUTH!!! I WILL DO NO LESS NO MATTER WHAT IT COST!!!!