In response to our recent story about the city's ban on women with mastectomies swimming topless in public pools, a reader writes:

I have been a swimmer for my entire life and want everyone to be able to get the same benefits. WITHIN REASON. The community centers need to try and accommodate conservative beliefs so that more people can use the facilities. It is great that their are times set aside for Muslim women to swim in accordance with their lifestyle. Other women with conservative backgrounds probably go at those times also. If Parks doesn't do that then those women can't swim. Conservative families who aren't comfortable at the center won't go and it won't be the women and children who make that decision. Jodi Jaecks shouldn't make that decision either.

There are public pools all over the city with different time slots. Jodi should reconsider spending her energy hassling with the parks department and use it to work on healing. I hope she does and I wish her the best.

Anna Bergman

Anna Bergman, ladies and gentlemen.