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Who says you can't put a price on life?
If it's the same fine why stop at injuring? MIght as well go all the way to kill.
What kind of worker? Any slob with a job, or only a particular sort of job? For that matter, is there some kind of sliding scale -- like kill a neo-natal brain surgeon & the fine is $1M, while killing Justin Beiber gets a slap on the hand & a key to the city? I think I just talked myself into this idea.
@2 for the win.

Lock n load ...
Michigan places a high value on state and highway workers. That sorta makes sense in a state which was dominated by the auto industry. Keeping infrastructure workers alive and infrastructure being built must have become a life-threatening challenge for this law to pass, but it's been there for quite a while now.
I love these signs whenever I see them. And in Michigan, that's all summer long.

I realize it's meant to be a backing of labour, but somehow it always feels darker than that. The state has taken ownership of its labourers, and if you deprive the state of its possession, then you must take their place. After all, the money doesn't go to the worker, but to the state to compensate it, and you will give the state 15 years of your own time instead...
they should apply this law to all pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists who are determined to be following the law at the time of injury/ death.... would really help stop those oblivious/clueless drivers that are fucking everywhere
Lol, I spent a summer near Lexington. Port Sanilac was where we sometimes bought booze.
Exorbitant protection for workers! What sort of communist union-coddling bullshit is this?
True fact: under Obamacare this law will be replaced by one that mandates harvesting organs from small business owners to replace those damaged in public employees, or, if they're killed, to construct unholy abominations as low-wage job-stealing replacements.
I have worked road crew and idiot drivers are a real menace.
I can't believe you're hanging out in the thumb...

How are the national birds?
(the mosquitos)