Re: Brad Pitt's Mother: Not an Obama Fan


angelina's right-wing dad jon voight should run off & marry brad pitt's right-wing mom
Well, there isn't that much they have in common Marvin Gay Sr. didn't kill his son over religion. So you're saying that logic wasn't strong enough to keep you from making that association.
Like anybody would care what this woman thinks about anything if it weren't for her famous son.
I obviously don't know enough about you to know why you'd make this association. I may find Mrs. Pitt's religious/political views to be bigoted and morally wrong, but she's probably a dent enough lady. There's a GIGANTIC leap from "evangelical Christian" to "homicidal maniac." There are plenty of fanatic Christians who have never committed murder. Are you just desperate for material today?

OR were you just looking for an excuse to post a clip of a Brad Pitt sex scene? Because I'm always OK with that. I don't think it needs explanation or crazy out-of-context associations. Just post it.
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