Did You Get Your Photo Taken on Top of the Wedding Cake at Our Fourth of July After Party?


Goodness those are so sweet! What a lovely idea.
The Stranger did a bang up job of putting on the Cal Anderson Independence Day Picnic this year! Credit also goes to CAPA (the Cal Anderson Park Alliance), the people who fill the Park with programming all year long and help remind everyone about Cal's amazing legacy.

It was a great day... Thank you.
Those are lovely but I wish there had been a NSFW warning....
@3 You work in a nunnery too?
Yes ... we did! It was a fun, fun day! Will we be able to see the photo's somewhere?
Sometimes when I have the wrong glasses on, @5, I can't see the links either ;)

Find your photo here.


@3, I'm less concerned about the overall safeness than that the peens, when presumably bare to the air, seem coyly hidden.