And speaking of babies with whips...

Anonymous over at DataLounge ("gay gossip, news and pointless bitchery") is "a little pissed" with me. It seems I sent out tweet after Anderson Cooper came out last week but I remained completely silent—I failed to send a congratulatory tweet—after Frank Ocean came out. (My pathetic little RT, above, wasn't good enough.) Cooper is white, Ocean is black—so my failure to congratulate Ocean is evidence of racism.

Um, Anonymous? I remained silent when Jim Parsons came out. I didn't write anything when country music star Chely Wright came out. I don't recall tweeting or blogging anything when Zachary Quinto came out. I didn't send an attaboy tweet when Matt Bomer came out. And last week I failed to send a congratulatory tweet to Barney Frank on the occasion of his wedding. If failure to spit out congratulatory tweets is evidence of racial animus, well, it would appear that I hate white people more than I hate black people. (P.S. Sandra Rose didn't call me bi-phobic, Anonymous, I joked about her bi-phobia. And she is a bi-phobic. Oh, and Sandra has been beating the shit out of Ocean since he came out. Does she get a pass?)