A little over a month ago, Thomas Jefferson Chapel—the tall guy with the big beard you may have seen working with Saint Genet, Implied Violence, or the New Mystics—was in a bike accident and lost his two front teeth.

Chapel is gainfully employed but under-insured (like lots and lots of folks these days) and tonight his artist and musician friends are throwing a benefit. Without some help, the dental surgery Chapel needs will drive him into bankruptcy.

The benefit, called "Thomas Jefferson's Black Market Bizzare," will happen at Vermillion (on 11th between Pike and Pine), from 7 pm until closing. Artists and bands include dk pan, Dead Bird Movement, Strong Killings, Agatha, Mtns., the boom! theater company, and others.

There will also be "black-market goods" for sale from Saint Genet and the New Mystics. Allegedly.

Here is the poster, and the full press release is below the jump.


* * *

A Call To Arms:

As the fervent nationalism of the 4th of July passes and the dystopic reality foisted upon us by our Baby Boomer predecessors comes into focus; we band together hand in uninsured hand to help the meager and the injured.

One month ago Saint Genet and Implied Violence Company Member, Council Member and High Chancellor of The New Mystics, and Bike Messenger Extraordinaire Thomas Jefferson Chapel was in a bike accident. Crashing head long into the pavement his helmet protected his enormous skull but did little to prevent his two front teeth from being knocked out and on to the searing cement. Paramedics promptly took him to the hospital and jammed his two front teeth back into his bleeding gums. Where they now sit blackened, chipped, and dying. Fully employed yet under-insured Thomas Jefferson Chapel shows himself to be the rule rather than the exception of our broken health care system.

His friends and colleagues have taken it upon themselves to insure their dear friend, collaborator, employee, roommate, and co-conspirator who through no fault of his own lost his teeth; and has the burden of mounting hospital bills and looming dental surgery pushing him ever closer to the looming abyss of bankruptcy or worse.

Allow me to humbly present: Thomas Jefferson's Black Market Bizzare

On Wednesday July 11th; beginning at 7pm Vermillion Gallery and Bar will host a one night extravaganza of music, performance, dance, and black market entrepreneurship. A wretched company of scuzzards, villains, déclassé of all kinds, and lumpen proletariat have been assembled to Save Thomas Jefferson Chapel's Teeth.

With musical performances by: Strong Killings, Agatha, Mtns. and the gritty black metal Wu-Tang mash ups of Garek Jon Druss.

Performance by: dk Pan, Kate Ryan, Aubry Birdwell, BOOM! Theater Company and Dead Bird Movement

Black Market Bizarre featuring work by: Saint Genet and The New Mystics.

A bevy of drink specials courtesy of Vermillion Gallery and Bar.

Please help his company of thieves repair our tattered social safety net!

Location: Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar

1508 11th Avenue Seattle, WA 98122

Date: Wednesday July, 11th MMXII

Time: 7pm-2am

Cost: $5-15 Suggested Donation.