Did Kids Steal Deano the Clown's Unicycle? Deano the Clown, the "remarkably famous" Seattle entertainer, was performing at the "Madison Park Days" picnic this past Sunday when his prized unicycle was stolen, presumably by a group of kids to whom Deano had generously loaned it earlier in the day.

Ezell's Chicken Changes Lives: Central District News links to an Esquire post yesterday in which the magazine named the CD's own Ezell's "The Most Life-Changing Fried Chicken in America."

Pay Station Explosion: Also on Sunday, a man was walking past a parking pay station on Northwest 54th Street when a piece of shrapnel from an explosive device mounted on the pay station struck him in the arm, reports My Ballard. The victim's condition is unknown, but the SPD reports that the damage done to the pay station was "extensive."

BB Gun Drive-By on Broadway: On Monday, July 2, an alleged car thief and a friend decided to take a stolen Dodge Intrepid down Broadway for a little BB gun drive-by, Capitol Hill Seattle reports. The suspects abandoned the vehicle but were quickly identified by police and arrested. Incidentally, BB gun drive-bys rank very highly on the list of "Things Not to Do After You've Stolen a Car."