Every Child Deserves a Mother and a Father


I would like to see a law that sentences people to the cruelties they subject children to. I know it won't happen but at least cage these fuckers so they can't have anymore kids.
Oh yeah, I LOVE being from Ohio at times like this.

And thanks for the Childhaven.org link, Dan.

shocked -SHOCKED!- that they are not married......
Childhaven is a wonderful organization - based in Washington, so it won't help the kids unlucky enough to be born, and have parents like this in Ohio.

Personally, I think the parents should both be surgically sterilized so that no other children will be so unlucky (seems to weak of a word) to have them for parents.

Here's a link to a place that might actually be able to help kids in their part of the world - Fairfield County, Ohio - http://cacfc.com/
@4 Right, because a marriage ceremony would totally have rewritten their personalities to stop them being fucking scum
I just hate it when I see that headline. It is always followed by some horror inflicted on a child (or children) by a parent. I just sickens me.
now, now; don't be afraid of SCIENCE!, tightass.

children raised in households with unmarried caregivers face an enormously greater of being abused and neglected.

in fact, 97% of the situations Danny posts in "Every Child..." featured unmarrieds....
....face an enormously greater CHANCE of being abused and neglected.
Love you, Dan, and yes the Childhaven link is good. But one day soon, can you cut this shit the fuck out? Yes some straight parents are depraved subhuman freaks. Yes SS parents are no more likely (and probably less likely) to be like that. We GET IT. These remain anecdotal and therefore insignificant. They only bum us out.
so long as the right-tards are making up facts about gay (and unmarried) parents, dan should counter with the harsh reality.
Georgia home-schooled girl punished with shock collar because ‘the Bible says’

how much ya wanna bet her parents were married hets


Has a Rightwinger ever responded to any of your "Every Child Deserves a Mother and Father" posts? I think we get your point (we as in people who support equal rights regardless of sexual orientation), but I wonder if the targets of your post have anything to say.
No one is as great at having kids on accident as drunken trailer trash, people who can not afford to provide for the children they already have.
This meme is fucking depressing, but you need to keep it up until they cede the point. Thanks, Dan.


Because no one believes that ALL heterosexuals are good parents.


That is a straw man that lives only in Danny's depraved teeny tiny mind.......



who, exactly?

please cite ANYONE who believes all heterosexuals are good parents.
@10 I disagree. You know what the headline means, so if you don't like those posts, skip 'em.

Dan is countering a specious meme with each and every one of these stories. His relentless, year-upon-year continuation of "Every Child Deserves a Father and a Mother" is stubborn, yes, but so are the wing-nuts who continue to sincerely bang the drumbeat that every child deserves a father and a mother.

And for those who whine "but they're just anecdotes and therefore meaningless"--what do you think equality opponents use to build their narrative and 'prove' their assertions? Science? No, they use anecdotes.

Anecdotal data should be treated with caution, but it has clear rhetorical value, particularly when one's opponents build most of their arguments around anecdotal evidence of their own. Anecdotes are far from worthless, especially when one considers the effectiveness of narrative when engaged in public persuasion.
Also see: Raw Story's
Georgia home-schooled girl punished with shock collar because ‘the Bible says’



who, exactly?

please cite ANYONE who believes all heterosexuals are good parents.
The point of these articles is wasted on Slog readership. Either we already get the point that kids aren't necessarily better off in households with two straight parents--or better off than they would be in homes with two same-sex parents, and we're just unnecessarily depressed, or that defensive unregistered troll gets worked into a froth.

But not one person who would really be in a position to have his/her mind changed in a positive way is going to see these and say, "hey, my position on marriage and gays-as-parents must be wrong." Really, not one. Most of those people aren't even reading Slog in the first place.

I realize that those who hate these articles can skip them, and generally when I see that headline, I do, but occasionally I am drawn to them like a rubbernecker to a car accident scene, and I wish Dan wouldn't provide me a chance to be my worst self.

I'm not blaming Dan; it's not his fault that these kids are tortured, but in offering up their torture for public consumption, in order to make a point to an audience that doesn't need the lesson, I think he's exploiting them. And I wish he would stop.


we're not defensive.........



Actually you make the best point.
These posts exploit the unspeakable suffering of these children
in a crass hamfisted attempt to make an ideological point.
And that is unconscionable.
16, 15, 20 - no, of course, no one thinks that all heterosexual parents are good parents. Every thinking human being knows that some parents are good parents and some are disasters. Yet that's the line that is used to disallow same sex adoption - that same sex couples are automatically bad parents by virtue of not being a heterosexual couple. That it is in fact heterosexuality that makes a fit parent.

Opponents to same sex adoption are indeed saying, if their words are taken to their logical conclusion, that all het parents are good parents. They don't believe it, they know that it's not true, but that's their argument.


NO ONE claims that ALL heterosexuals are good parents.

Cite anyone.....ANYONE......who claims "That it is in fact heterosexuality that makes a fit parent. "

They argue that homosexuality renders people less fit to be parents.

But not because all heterosexuals are fit parents,
but because homosexuals are unfit parents.

If Danny wanted to make the point he claims to be making
he would cite examples of good homosexual parents.

He would drown the skeptics in stories about cool awesome homosexual parents.

Why doesn't Danny do that.....

Of course,
that might be a little boring
and really wouldn't get the juices of a bigoted hater like Danny flowing
so it is much more satisfying to him to dredge up the most horrible cases he can find
all over the internets and parade the abused children here like trophies in the Culture Wars.....

Pointing out the obvious uncontested fact that some heterosexuals are cruel abusive parents says NOTHING about the fitness of homosexuals to parent.

But it makes Danny hard so expect to see more of these.....
Well, I know it's bad form to engage trollish commenters (and Mr. Unregistered, you have to admit you're being pretty trollish), but, a question to the unregistered person: You've been talking about a correlation between unmarried parents and child abuse, but can you show any evidence of causality? That is - does the absence of marriage in and of itself really lead to child abuse?

Because, this definitely seems to me like a case of 'correlation is not causality', but if you have compelling evidence otherwise, please show it to the group...
The absence of marriage, in and of itself, does not really lead to child abuse.
However, the absence of married parents does.
I'm not sure this case was actual child abuse - the kind that deprives a child forever of its childhood, and produces lifelong psychically maimed adults. From this article :


the girl was only confined in the bed at night, ever since she had been found sleepwalking outside at night by a neighbor, three months earlier, and "there was no other sign of abuse". The deputies found the child out and about in the house, not caged.

It may have been more of a combination of deep poverty, do-it-yourself and idiocy, than any actual cruelty.

The house was filthy through and through, and no place to raise children ; that's appalling conditions, but it's not up to par with forcing the children to live in filth while the parents enjoy comfortable conditions, which is actual child abuse - parents and children lived in filth together.

Had those parents been born into money, they would have had hired help do the housecleaning they weren't able to do, and they would have locked their daughter's room at night, and nobody would have thought of arresting them for that. A bed made into a cage at night is sure to raise pitchforks, but not a child's room locked at night - although both are a major fire hazard.

If there is no more to it in this story, sending the parents to jail for years would be a much bigger blow for their children, than educating them on housecleaning and how to make sleepwalking safe for their daughter - locking the outside door of the house at night being much better than any locking up of the child, be it in her room or in her bed.
27, thanks for that link. It said the house was crooked--I hope it doesn't get condemned. Best case scenario is that the state uses the leverage of the felony charges to induce changes. That could take a lot of forms--applying for state aid (if they haven't already), parenting classes, treatment if one or both parents have a mental illness, etc. Of course, I have no idea what kinds of services Ohio has for struggling families.
I might be a bad person, but it made me think of this...