Despite the Seattle Times' cheerleading for Republican Rob McKenna's gubernatorial bid, recent tweets from one of his campaign policy assistants, Kathlyn Ehl, are apparently too much. Ehl had written comments disparaging the elderly and Asians, and even blurted to her followers: "shut up and speak english #asians." So Sharon Pian Chan, who sits on the Seattle Times editorial board, says this afternoon that Ehl "should be fired":

Our editorial board endorsed McKenna, a Republican and Washington state's attorney general, who is running against Democrat and former congressman Jay Inslee. This incident makes me wonder: If McKenna is willing to forgive and forget this behavior, what behavior would he tolerate in the office of the governor? [...]

The tweets are also dumb. It would be impossible to shut up, and speak English at the same time. It's surprising that McKenna, who has cast himself in this election as the smartest kid in class, is willing to put up with this level of ignorance.

Since The Stranger broke this story yesterday, it's been picked up by the Associated Press, every local TV station, lots of radio, Daily Kos, TPM, Daily Mail, MSNBC,, and scores of other outlets. All that's nice, I must say, but none is nicer than this brief moment in which I actually agree with someone on the Seattle Times ed board.

Thanks for speaking up, Sharon.