Justice Steve Gonzalez: good with grammar, too.
  • Kelly O
  • Justice Steve Gonzalez: good with grammar, too.
In addition to this, there's another interesting endorsement out today in the race for Washington State Supreme Court Position 8—this one grammar based.

Okay, so there are many reasons why I’m voting for Justice Steven Gonzalez in the August Primary. First, he’s garnered the endorsements of, well, everyone. Second, he was a great superior court judge. Third, he’s a champion of social justice. Finally, strikingly handsome man. Not as handsome as your professor, but given the right conditions, he might be able to best me in a Zoolander style walk-off.

Really though, the quality I admire most about him is one we should seek in all candidates for judicial office: literacy.

The not-quite-literate statement from Gonzalez opponent Bruce Danielson that set this blogger off? Danielson's description of his resume: "Business owner, manager, and work as a laborer prior to law school enhances my insight as to how our State’s laws affect property and individual rights."