Ruderman's Mom Mails Another Attack Flyer


Hard to believe there's no communication between the campaign and this "independent expenditure."
It is also (as I suspect you very well know and characteristically decline to mention) reported as opposing Darcy Burner, lampooning her as a "loose cannon".…
Its too bad there are no actual brains behind these IE's because if they had just done positive mail for Ruderman, she might not be lagging in the polls right now. Not one piece of mail has arrived yet for Ruderman. She could have had 6 nice mail pieces already in voters hands. What a waste.
Yeah, #3 has a really good point. I'm assuming the price of the mailer is because they are sending them to a ridiculous number of people, and it's a waste to attack one person in a highly contested primary like that. It's going to help Burner more than it will Ruderman.

Also, I suggest they get more dedicated volunteers and drive down the price of those mailers...