J.P. Patches: Words Cannot Describe


That's better.
I see why he was loved so much.
Well done, dearie. Fine choices.
I think my older brother launched into an orbit of glee when they announced his name for the birthday announcements.

He was a clown that had no clown skills, but still made us laugh. He will be missed.
What??!?? Gertrude was a dude?!?!?!?
Did Pee Wee Herman grow up in Seattle because he stole his show from them.

These vids make me a believer, for that time the show was innovative and one of a kind.

Locals 1
Smartass outsiders 0

I hope the passing of JP does not mean that Boris S. Wart will now rule the City Dump with an iron fist. We must not let this happen! Mayor McGinn, I beg of you! Stop Boris S. Wart now!
He made his last appearance in his clown makeup just a few months ago at KCTS. I was working there that evening and stocked the green room with goodies for him. I'd met him a few times over the years; he was just your average befuddled-looking old Greek man until he got into character and then he was as sharp as a tack!
I spent the am reading tributes to JP and Im proud to be a Patches Pal. I emailed JP a number of years ago to ask him if Sandy Hill was upset when he would chase her around the set of the Big Money Movie. By todays standards JP would likely have to take a course in sexual harasment avoidance. But back then political correctness wasnt a catch phrase. JPs response to my question was " She loved it"