Not Like the Forecasts Have Been Suuuper-Accurate Lately, But: "No precipitation for at least a week" is the word. Google "Seattle weather" just for fun. All yellow! (We're in the fourth panel of this, by the way. Enjoy it!)

Not Just in Colorado: There's a spike in concealed handgun license applications in King County, too.

Not Coming to a Curb Near You: Waste Management workers are striking as of yesterday morning, stopping garbage, recycling, or yard waste pickup in King and Snohomish Counties.

Where's Charles This Morning? Bo Xilai's wife charged with murder.

LA Closing All Medical Marijuana Dispensaries: Activists vow to fight the ban. "'We're not going to make this easy for the city of Los Angeles,'" said Don Duncan, California director of Americans for Safe Access."

Good Lord: Acid attacks on women in Colombia on the rise, no one knows why. From NPR:

A brutal crime more commonly associated with Pakistan or India is now on the rise in South America: Jealous husbands, spurned lovers and, in a few cases, even perfect strangers are dousing women with sulfuric or nitric acids, literally burning off their faces. In Colombia, the horrific trend is terrorizing women and alarming officials.

Seafair Clowns to Honor J.P. Patches: With a "moment of laughter" at the Torchlight Spectacular and Torchlight Parade this Saturday.

Knife Fight! This morning, in Belltown.

Never Swallow Two of Them at Once: Those little toys made up of a bajllion tiny magnets? The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a stop-sale order against them.

Centralia 13-Year-Old Gets a Tattoo: It's six inches tall and of a dragon. Police are on the case.