I have a boyfriend of two years. At the beginning of our relationship I caught him cheating on me. Not physically cheating, but he was talking to girls and they would send him pics. We worked everything out and now we trust each other. But a few weeks ago I caught him watching porn. He doesn't know I know. It doesn't bother me that much but I was wondering if it could lead him to cheating on me again?

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All men watch porn. Some lie and claim they don't, some are so stealthy they never get caught, but all men watch porn*. If watching porn lead to cheating, SFTSLAFiP, then all men would cheat. But not all men do cheat. So it's clear that porn viewing doesn't cause men to cheat. Because all men watch porn. But not all men cheat.

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* Okay, okay: a handful of men don't watch porn. But their numbers are so small that the average girls' chances of ever meeting one of these guys—let alone dating one—are so small that we don't need to factor them into our equations.