One of the issues that led us to endorse incumbent state Representative Gerry Pollet over challenger Sylvester Cann is charter schools. Cann told us he opposes charter school legislation, yet he enjoys broad support from charter schools advocates. And man have these charter schools supporters been doubling down.

According to his most recent disclosure reports, Cann has received $900 each from Democrats for Education Reform WA PAC, Education Voters Political Action Fund, and Stand for Children WA PAC, all organized in support of charter schools, as well an additional $500 from Democrats for Education Reform director Lisa MacFarlane.

Cann has also received another $1,800 from Revising the Status Quo PAC, which is largely funded via a $5,000 contribution from Stand for Children and a $1,000 contribution from Democrats for Education Reform, effectively achieving an end-run around their $900 each primary campaign contribution limit.

(Tangentially, Stand for Children's biggest contributor, at $75,000 is Jeff Bezos' father Mike. The Bezos family has also contributed another $450,000 to the charter schools initiative directly. So yeah. Celebrate their money for the causes you like, and you lose the moral authority to criticize them for causes you don't.)