I'm not in the best position to cast stones, point talons, etc. on the issue of office cleanliness since it's pretty well established that I'm a disgusting freak, but I've been bitching at one of my coworkers to clean his or her keyboard for years now.

I think this damning evidence will prove that there's at least one person in this office is more of a wallow-happy pig than I am:

  • The Shtranger
  • Someone chews with their mouth open.

If you're not convinced yet, I've included two more pics after the jump. And since I've learned first hand that public shaming is a great motivator, I think it's time for a Slog poll to see if you can guess who needs to clean their goddamn keyboard already.

Extreme Ewwwww!
  • The Shtranger
  • Seriously, there must be an entire village of rats living in here.

There is an entire village of rats living in this keyboard.
  • The Shtranger
  • Extreme Ewwwww.