The fact of the matter is nothing in me or my heart could ever vote to build a juvenile detention center. It's not a question of arguments or reasoning; it's just I could not muster up the meanness to do it. In fact, if this is what democracy has to offer, voting to build things that incarcerate youth, then I want nothing to do with this democracy. It has shown itself to be morally bankrupt. And if you think it's not, if you think this is about being nutty radicals ("the extremists make much noise over the allegation that Prop 1 would 'build a new jail'") and has nothing to do with the state of this democracy (which you see as being so reasonable—"the new detention facility would actually have fewer beds than the current facility"), then you have missed the point: it's a matter of the heart, and that heart wants nothing to with the construction of a center that detains youth.

Even adult prisons, even this one with the great gardening program and all, are, in my eyes, nothing but big holes in our democracy.