Happy Chik-Fil-A Day!


I love it when Republicans use these words as though they had no meaning before. I think we should literally crucify Palin as an object lesson in what crucify actually means.
even better is Randy Rainbow's C-F-A vid



Boycotts are against the First Amendment? WTF?
Really?! A 10 minute clip?! I bailed after "...cornerstone of all civilization and all religions since the beginning of time..."

I don't know how the rest of you made it through the rest.

I would also add that this is not a matter of one man's bigoted opinion. Rather, Chik-fil-A the corporation has been giving millions of dollars for many years to hate groups. that is why people are protesting CfA, not standing in front of Dan Cathy's house with picket signs.

Funny how Sara Palin asserts that exercising free speech rights threatens free speech rights!
i couldn't boycott chick fillet if i wanted to - i don't think there are any in Seattle
Wow, nothing says, "Murka, FUCK YEAH!" quite like trying to boost your sales by encouraging people to express their hatred and fear of anyone who's different from them? May we next expect a similar Biscuitville "Eat a biscuit, not a Tortilla", or a "White's Only at White Castle" day?
Wait. Isn't it Cru-C-Fix'n of Chik-Fil-A?
@4: I bailed once I realized it was FOX News. Then I retched and had to have a shot of vodka to get the taste out of my mouth.

Not nice, Schmader. Not nice at all.
You're oppressing my right to oppress! Shame on you! So, I declare a national day of free speech to combat the free speech being foisted on me.
I want to punch her in the face.
Poor Sarah. She's a part of the lamebrain media.
Ah yes, "those of us that want to protect all of our Constitutional rights" - by denying the rights of others. Well played "Governor Palin"

I generally oppose the use of the c-word, but Sarah is a special exception.
One point that seems to be left out of most discussion of Chick-fil-A is that the food is really not good!
I've been boycotting chik-fil-a since I tried their food.
@15, 16: You guys know it is a fast food chain right? The standard sandwich is around $2.75. What do you really expect for $2.75?

For fast food, they actually use decent cuts of chicken and they do not smash their sandwiches down with a clenched fist before they pack them like other fast food chains do.

Not saying it is great food, but comparatively, I honestly think it is the best fried fast food chain around, quality wise.

Of course, spend your money anywhere for any reason (or not), since that is your right as an American, dammit.
She speaks like a kindergarten teacher who knows nothing about a subject, but doesn't want her class to know she's uninformed. It's unbearable to listen to, but also completely fascinating.
@17 on the few occasions I have been coerced to eat Chick-fil-A, I have found the "chicken" to have an off-putting sliminess not present in other fast-food chain's sandwiches.
Is it sexist to point out her absurd hair extensions? It's like she's wearing a wig these days.
@4, ha! Same here. I actually said out loud at that part "Why am I listening to this? I could be listening to music." Then, I listened to music.

@18, absolutely. Well put.
@21 I've been struggling with her hair, too. I just don't get what's going on there.
@17, Agreed.

Before I knew they were religious extremists, I used to go there on occasion and I recall their food being ok. A bit expensive (for fast food) and not a huge selection, but what they did have was decent.

But I never go there anymore. Not since I found out their ideology. Fuck that.
Do any of you honestly think that you're changing hearts and minds by demanding what is effectively censorship of a fast food company? Here's the thing about censorship; simply because someone is restricted from saying what they believe does not mean they begin believing something else. All it does is make that opinion improper speech. It does nothing to change anyone's mind. Instead of demanding the offender be censored, perhaps it would be more advantageous to examine why said offender had such opinion in the first place; what is broken such that someone could have even a very abhorrent opinion? You will find that people believe they have good reason to believe what they believe, and that very few are acting purely out of malice.

I can guarantee you that the murderer was someone that had some reason for grief and felt that murder was an acceptable means to repay his woes. One crime sires another; these things do not materialize out of thin air.

So it is valuable to ask, what is broken in the world such that these things happen?

"Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth."

---Oscar Wilde
I want to go to the shores of the homosexual voter base!
As an aside, CFA provides better wages and conditions for its workers than typical fast-food chains. Are you sure there isn't some covetous Jew working behind the wheels of mainstream media demanding you break this company such that other fast-food chains can even further break the backs of their employees?

Not a Christian. An Atheist. Never been to CFA. Supporter of Marriage Equality. Opponent of censorship. Develops well conceived and nuanced opinions.
This gay Canadian is glad to be able to say, "What's a chik-fil-a..eh??" Or at least I was...alas...
I heard about Chick Fil A being closed on Sundays for religious reasons a very long time ago - maybe 10 years? I knew that was a bad sign right there and have proudly never supported them. (Unfortunately, some in-laws have been a bit clueless on that front, so I can't say I've successfully kept my girls from eating there...)
@25 - Shut up already. Nobody is censoring anybody. Try looking that word up. What we are doing is refraining from supporting the actions of a company that has made efforts to directly undermine our civil rights. We are under no obligation to eat their food. Don't censor me by making me eat cheap chicken sandwiches! Censorship!
@ 25, since when do the consequences of one's speech count as "censorship"?
I don't eat there because they're uber-christians and their profits help fund more christian expansion. They can believe whatever they want, but I'm not going to give any of my money to help fund their church.

I also don't eat at In-N-Out Burger or Whataburger for the exact same reason.
And They Will Know We Are Christians by the Greasy Shit We Eat (and Greasy Shits We Take)
@27 You probably think Rosa Parks was just the tool of some "covetous Jew".

When the enemy has vowed your extermination, you no longer have an obligation to "understand where they're coming from". You wipe the fuckers out, and keep living.
I didn't know Whataburger was religious until @32 mentioned it, what with them being open 24/7 in the middle of nowhere in Texas. That's about the only time I go there - when I have to eat at weird times in small towns in Texas.
Yeah, they're not as in-your-face about their christianity as chik-fil-a is, but all whataburgers DO have "One nation, under God, indivisible" painted on their windows.
personally, i'm all for this chick-fil-a appreciation day. you see, if all they teabaggers keep eating only chick-fil-a (as they proudly exclaim on their websites) then they'll get heart disease from the fat and salt they're pounding into their bigoted mouths and thus be rendered unable to continue to deny my civil rights.
If Sarah Palin wants to defend CFA because of freedom of speech (not really applicable, but whatever), shouldn't she be sticking up for General Mills and Google?
Freedom of Speech means Phonetic Chicken™ can say whatever they want and other people can tell them to shove it. That's how it works. There is no censorship or attempted censorship happening here.
@25 What on earth are you talking about?
Why don't progressives have the right to boycott Chick-fil-A at the same time that Mr. Cathy has the right to express his bigotry? It's not one or the other.

I will miss those waffle fries. Can't front on that topic.
C'mon people. We should all know by now that Central Scrutinizer is a colossal shit-for-brains. He is a character poster and his character is the "even-handed, sees-both-sides-of-the-issue" guy, except he's too fucking dumb to pull it off.
@43: To be fair, you only pop on here to insult people, and you never have anything interesting, constructive, original, or valuable to add.

If dropping by just to take a dump in the pool makes you happy, go nuts, but no one else finds it cute.
You got that right you head-up-your-ass dud. I have no interest in making the effort for the likes of you.
@40 I'm glad I wasn't the only one who had that reaction to @25. Who got murdered? What?

I used to eat at Chik-Fil-A when I lived in a little town in the south and our occasional excitement was to drive to the next not-quite-as-little town and go to the mall. I liked their food then... makes me sad to realize that my allowance money was going to groups that want to dehumanize my sister, and my aunties, and my friends.

Dan Cathy's speech is as free as ever. In fact I hope all bigoted CEOs speak freely, loud & clear, so that I know where not to spend my money ever again.
Boycott Chick-fil-A: GO VEGAN!

Stand up for the right of gays to marry, and for the right of animals to not be exploited and tortured!

Kill zero birds with one stone!
@45: Ha, do I have my head up my ass, or am I right? Can't be both.

I am so sad you reserve a large tank of intelligence but will not use it here, because we are not worth it. It must take so much of your energy to hold back all that genius, so that only middle school level insults slip out. Keep up the great work!

I really wish conservatives would stop conflating criticism with censorship. Criticizing something someone says =/= taking away his right to say it. Drives me up the wall when they willfully erode that important distinction. You're not allowed to disagree with them, because 'Murka!

By conservatives' logic, there never should have been boycotts of "whites only" lunch counters in the mid-1900s. After all, it's not as if department store managers/owners were being racist. They were just expressing their support for traditional social structures.
Dan Cathy's speech is as free as ever. In fact I hope all bigoted CEOs speak freely, loud & clear, so that I know where not to spend my money ever again.

Pretty much sums up my outlook on this whole thing.
There is a Washington group on facebook boycotting them. Most people reading the slog will be interested, I hope you join. https://www.facebook.com/BoycottChickFil…