Lunchtime Quickie: Octomom Will Borrow You The Money(?)


Would you rather she be on welfare? Seriously, let her hock stupid products, its not like shes trying to buy a boat for her vacation house on the lake.
"You can trust me on financial matters- I breed very rapidly."
she's so fucking sad.
Stop it Slog. This falls under the same category as Palin.

Just. Fucking. Stop it!
Yeah this makes me cry a little inside. "I'm willing to say and do pretty much anything if it means my kids get to eat". She's like the reason 100% capitalism will never work.
@1 nails it. I have no have empathy for her whatsoever. I do have concern for her children.

Indeed, let her "hock stupid products" for all I care.
As P. T. Barnum remarked "There's a sucker born every minute."