Needs More Side Dish


Nothing looks better warming in the sun than a casserole dish of creamed corn topped with Miracle Whip.
What more than "hot dogs will be provided" could anyone possibly want?!
I hope it's not just me, but everything about this sign evokes incredibly depressing memories.
@3 Did you used to live there? There is an interesting ground swell of people being fed up with the staff. And the staff is responding in creepy Kim Jong-il-esque ways. It would be comical except that I still live there which is a drag
I live here too. I don't really ever interact with the staff. Nor do I really ever use the elevator as it is gaaaaaaaaaaah-laaaaaaaaaacially slooooooooow. I love my condo and the location (Ballard) in general though. How have you been KJI'd?
@4 - No, I didn't actually know where this was until @4 posted. Being "checked off" for bringing an entirely obligatory side dish to a bbq—and whatever it is that's keeping this sign from being comically defaced, i.e. "my sweet ass, unit #7"�—is just pushing all of my sadness buttons.