In the debate over banning pit bulls within city limits, both sides recently voted in a Slog poll to see who had more support. They've also, apparently, been competing to find out who can use more hyperbolic rhetoric. After watching the debate unfold the last few days on Slog—in response to Seattle activist Ellen Taft's petition to ban fighting breeds in the city—I gotta say: The pro-pit-bull folks win.

Win at being fucking crazy, that is.

Since Taft started promoting her petition, the pro-pit-bull people started their own petition—filed by someone in New Jersey—that calls to "evict Ellen Taft from Seattle" and have her muzzled.

One petition supporter added, "She is obviously rabid and needs to be euthanized."

And on Facebook, a person (whose name I'm choosing not to mention) told Taft, "I hope a pit bull eats your face off." She also received a couple emails this week, one saying, "you are too old and ugly for this" and another calling her "a pig."

So that settles it: The pit bull lovers are fucking nuts and Ellen Taft looks sane and dignified in comparison.