The Last Stand of the Gallery on Pike and Broadway


Oh boo! I was just walking by Fetherston a week or so ago (they were closed, unfortunately) and was admiring the various royals work. I'm not sure which artist is responsible for them but they are amazing.
We've got lots of space on the south end. Come on down.
Food and drink, folks. Food and drink.…
@babyblue: elizabeth jameson, perhaps?
@4: I thought it might be but I googled her and it appears her work is all brain stuff. I tried to google all of the artists listed but didn't find what I was looking for. I guess I'll have to try to talk the hubby into a field trip to Cap Hill this evening lest this remaining a mystery for all eternity.

Or, I could pick up the phone, I suppose.
Weird! It IS her! Either she has really changed her style or google is not playing nice (or, you know, there's more than one artist named Elizabeth Jameson).