With Consultants Like Christian Sinderman...


Hahaha between this, Darcy going Rove and Kirby Wilbur giving the nod to WA's favorite Ivy League Grad*, it's a hilarious news day up her in the great blue NW.
sorry if i missed your call, Dominic. I've been around long enough to know that sandbagging my clients isn't always the best strategy... so give me a little credit.

You'll note that the comment in question wasn't in quotes, but a paraphrase...

If you must know (4 days after the initial story), I checked with the reporter, and my recollection and his notes differ a little, but suffice it to say that he asked about some of the hard fought swing districts (including the 28th, 17th, 44th, etc) and i agreed that those were legit targets-- for both parties.

I also made a point of saying, however, that Green, Dunshee (44) and others had survived the 2010 GOP surge, and would likely be re-elected despite Republican hype.

as with any interview, i blame myself for any ambiguity in my comments, but i certainly wouldn't predict a loss for anyone i am helping-- especially proven winners in an important district where they have won before (often despite a consultant like me).


@2) When I called him, the reporter said you were referring specifically to the 28th District.


What are you asterisking? Are they standing by the racist, ageist UW alumna Ehl?
How much tax dollars go to Christian Sinderman from Dow Constantine, Frank Chopp and others who already have people on the public payroll hired to do communications work? Why is the public paying twice? Think of that next time an elected official says public dollars are so scarce they can't hire cops, must privatize parks and put on the ballot basic services like libraries --- while giving the public no vote on add-ons such as the basketball arena.

Citizens, you are being played by consultants well paid.
A campaign consultant is not a publicly-employed communications person, @5.