Fire Destroys Things: Oklahoma fires have destroyed over 50 houses, and may have been set by some jackass throwing a flaming newspaper out of a car. They're having an unusually dry summer, so weather conditions aren't expected to help.

SPD Officer Loses it: Video shows a 19-year veteran of the force yelling, cursing, and pushing someone at the scene of a call. SPD got out ahead of the incident, saying that other officers at the scene immediately reported the actions to supervisors. Maybe he was having a bad day, but another YouTube video shows him agitated and up in people's faces at the scene of a shooting.

Business Owners Give Yelp One Star: Some say that Yelp's ad pitch is close to coercion, an allegation that has been brought before a court in a class-action lawsuit. Locally, businesses with poor reviews feel forced into buying advertising on the site in order to get rid of bad reviews.

Chick-Fil-A Boycott a "Backfire": Washington Post says the August 1st "appreciation day" left the chain with record sales. The chain created a lot of pissed of Facebook statuses after news of the owner donating millions to anti-gay groups became widely known.

Unemployed Alaskan Homeowner Brings Hope to Missouri Senate Candidate: That's really all I can say.

CrossFit Headed for Disaster? A divorce is breaking apart the owners of the now-popular workout franchise, and one is selling to a private equity firm. Folks who CrossFit (is that a verb yet?) aren't pleased.

Leave Fat People Alone: So says Lindy West, constant defender of the Fats. She is completely right-on, but I'm starting to think she's like Jesse Jackson of fat people, which may be a dangerous precedent. But seriously—come up with something better than insulting people's bodies. It's not hard to do.