Joss Whedon to Direct Avengers 2 AND an ABC TV Show?!? YAY!!!


Develop, not direct.

We already know about Arrow.

My guess is Mr. Majestyk (spellingses?)
I have no idea whether you're trying to suggest Mister Mxyzptlk, or Mr. Majestic, but both are DC properties. Go home.

@1 - That would be an amazing animated series. I don't see it working live action, though.

I would love to see an adaptation of newuniversal, but it seems unlikely. Honestly, I think the smart money is on Runaways.
I'm betting some kind of super-spy show in the vein of alias based on S.H.I.E.L.D. Either that, or Spider-Ham.
The logical part of my brain says "We will have to see this, don't be such a fanboy."

The nerd part of me is making a, high-pitched, non-stop *SQUEE*ing sound.
I would love to see the trials and tribulations of the smarmy leader and his rag tag crew of Damage Control:…
The guys who have to go and clean up and re-build stuff after Super heroes destroy the crap out of our cities.
@1: Given that Whedon and Warren Ellis (writer of Nextwave) were recently holed up together in London working on an unspecified never know.
@3 Didn't Whedon do some (comic) work with Runaways?
I think this calls for a SQUEEEEE!

Whatever they do will be tied into the film franchise. It'll be something based in Marvel's NYC, and will tie into SHIELD in some way. It's the perfect tool since SHIELD, story wise, touches upon everything in the Marvel universe in some way.

This will let them also cycle through a lot more characters in the show as guest stars and special appearances. It's the series premiere, let's get Sam Jackson and Chris Evans in here. It's the season one finale, and things look bleak--but wait!--someone starts blasting AC/DC, and Robert Downey Jr flies in for his 2 minute cameo with the mask off, and some voice over work.

Bet you $1 that Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill and Gregg Clark as Coulson are the main characters. And that Galaga guy.
Howard the Duck almost makes sense.

Hear me out.

Buffy, the Movie: not so good
Buffy, TV: nice

Howard, the Movie: not so good
Howard, TV?

@8 - Yep, he took over the writing duties for the first couple arcs after BKV left the book. There was a film in development for a couple years, but it got shelved in '10 because it didn't fit with the Avengers focus. Since it hasn't been re-announced for the next cycle of MU films, I think the property is wide open Joss to push as the TV project.
@7 - Ellis was also responsible for newuniversal, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that.
@7, the thing Warren Ellis and Whedon are working together on is called Wastelanders, it's an original web video series thing.

Basically it doesn't matter to me what this series will be based on, or what properties will be involved... I'm already doomed to watch it, and love it, and teach my future children about it as part of the Holy Canon of Whedon.
I think he should avoid the whole comic book universe completely and do something in the sci-fi realm, like maybe a western in space. You know, like with a crew of misfits on an old freighter ship, maybe throw in some fugitives from an oppressive government.
@15 - Like...a whole TV series about the cast of Alien: Resurrection? Pfft. There's no way that would be popular.