So this new weird boring neighborhood called South Lake Union pops up and I'm all, "Hey Sherman, wanna write a column about it?" since Sherman weirdly enough spends his days there, and Sherman's all, "Sure." But now doesn't it seem like all the things that could be said by a smart person about South Lake Union have been said? And also doesn't it seem like everyone's thinking and talking and maybe wanting to read about basketball lately, what with the arena crap going down, instead of the "culture" of a lifeless corporate neighborhood? Should Sherman Alexie keep writing about boring, boring South Lake Union or should we just scrap that idea and have him return to writing about basketball? And if so, should we call it Sonics Life Watch? At this point I'd rather read old Sonics Death Watch columns than read about South Lake Union, wouldn't you?

Help us figure this out, guys. Weigh in here.