Back in 2010, I attended Glenn Beck University, a three-course online tutorial hosted by Glenn Beck and taught by several of Beck's cronies. The worst of the lot was David Barton, whose Faith 101, Faith 102, and Faith 103 classes were all about the close ties between the United States government and Christianity. (Sample quote: "It’s impossible to have limited government without applying faith to it.”) Barton is a popular speaker at right-wing events, and his accounts of the secret history of Christianity in the US government are often quoted by Republican politicians and pundits.

Now, All Things Considered is leading an attack on Barton, spotlighting the many inaccuracies in his "historical" "teaching." The publisher of Barton's most recent book, The Jefferson Lies: Exposing the Myths You’ve Always Believed about Thomas Jefferson has ceased publication of the title, because they have “lost confidence in the book’s details.” It's delicious watching my old professor losing what little credibility he had.