You may recall that this morning I wrote about a new medical-marijuana PAC that is fighting Initiative 502, which would legalize recreational pot, and that they were holding a press conference and rally today. It was planned outside the office of attorney Kurt Boehl, president of the new PAC

Well, um, apparently that press conference didn't go super great:

The spokesman for a new Washington state medical marijuana organization is looking for work after being fired at his own inaugural press conference. ...

Members of the another group, the No on I-502 campaign, crashed the news conference and accused Safe Access Alliance of co-opting their message. Boehl is the president of Safe Access. He escorted the crashers to the door, took a few questions and then fired [Philip] Dawdy, saying he had embarrassed the organization.

This is just one of those stories more amazing than anything you could imagine. It's unclear from the story how Dawdy embarrassed the organization, exactly, so I guess we can imagine that part.

UPDATE: The AP provides more details—a veritable colonoscopy into this hilarious mess—which almost reads like an Onion article:

After some minor theatrics by the protesters, Boehl, the president of Safe Access, escorted them to the door. As Dawdy continued speaking, Boehl grew frustrated and stepped to the microphone, announcing that Dawdy didn't speak for the organization and that Boehl would be answering any further questions.

At the end of the news conference, he canned Dawdy within earshot of the reporters.

"You're fired!" Boehl told him. "You embarrassed us."

Afterward, Boehl declined to comment on the firing. However, he appeared to have been most annoyed with Dawdy for portraying Safe Access Alliance as a group opposed to I-502. In its filing with the state Public Disclosure Commission, it registered as an ongoing political committee, not one opposed to a single ballot measure.