Back in November, I told you about the Little Printer, a tiny little web-connected printer that publishes information on receipt-paper sized strips. Today, the Little Printer is available for pre-order. It costs $259.

The Verge has an in-depth look at the Little Printer and at the company that produces it, BERG. I really like the things that BERG is doing with technology and paper; I bought a copy of Warren Ellis's BERG-produced comic book, SVK, last year. The comic came with a credit-card-shaped UV light that exposed a special invisible ink in the comic that revealed "thought balloons" that the main character could "read" with mental telepathy. With the Little Printer, the idea is that you print out a bookmark-sized personalized newspaper once or twice a day, full of whatever you choose—the day's headlines, puzzles, messages, photos, trivia—and have a moment of offline peace before you spend the rest of your day hooked into the intertwits.

I don't think the Little Printer is a practical idea on its own, but I do think people could find interesting uses for it, such as keeping in touch with older, non-tech-enabled relatives. But what do you think?