Romney Loves Vagina, Ice Cream: This campaign slogan will get him more traction with voters than wearing matching rompers with Paul Ryan.

Seattleites Brave Python-Ridden Park: Despite snake warnings, joggers jogged through Seattle's Cowen Park yesterday, sunbathers bathed, and small children most likely covered in bbq sauce played the Quiet Game in a wooded ravine. Nearby, a shirtless, homeless man searched for the missing 7-foot long pet.

Cheating Scandal Rocks Scrabble Competition: "The Scrabble world is abuzz. The internet is abuzz," says one organizer.

10-Day Suspension for SPD Officer Suspended: Garth Haynes, the off-duty SPD Officer caught on video stomping on the head of a handcuffed suspect in 2010, has been slapped with a 10-day suspension following an internal investigation of the incident. However, the suspension will be suspended as long as Haynes stays out of (boot-stomping) trouble for two years.

State of Emergency in Cle Elum: High winds and temperatures continue to fuel an explosive fire that has burned across nearly 45 square miles, destroying herds of livestock, horses, and over 60 homes east of the Cascades.

Grandma Growers Use Pot Crops to Feed Starving Grandchildren: In an African country that has seen AIDS kill off an entire generation, cultivating marijuana is the only means for survival.

Right-Wing Hungarian Anti-Semite Discovers He's Jewish: Aaaand that his grandparents survived the Holocaust.

Mirror Fasts: A reset button for healthy self-esteem or a trendy new way for women to obsess about themselves while pretending to not obsess about themselves?

Today in Poo: Yesterday, big brains converged in South Lake Union, responding to a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation $100,000 challenge to reinvent the toilet without running water, electricity, or a septic system, among other things.

Today in Poo, Pt 2: Modeling traffic lights after E. coli behavioral patterns could be the key to solving gridlock in teeming cities like Guangzhou, China.

State Dems Dispute McKenna Aerospace Endorsement: "They viewed the sole endorsement as something of an insult after all that Democrats have done for Boeing and aerospace — from fighting for the Air Force tanker deal to securing special tax breaks," reports the Seattle Times, which notes that the aerospace group will be meeting with Inslee today and may make a dual endorsement.

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