Goldmark Asks for Public's Help Not to Start Fires


Watch Eastern Washington burn!
What am I supposed to do with all these oily rags and drums of kerosene now?
You can't stop me from starting fires! You can't oppress me like that! This is a free country!! FREEDOM OF SPEECH! FREEDOM OF SPEECH FREEDOM OF SPEECH FREEDOM OF SPEECH
Well, there go my plans. Buzzkills.
Also, if you smoke and drive, don't toss your fucking butts out the window. (Don't do it on rainy days either, you littering dumbshit.)
@5: The wife and I just drove from South Dakota back to Seattle last weekend. We saw a whooole lot of highway displays saying not to throw cigarettes out the window, because of the high wildfire danger. I wanted them to add "Plus it's just a shithead move anyway, come on."
Blaming the inability to fight forest fires on lower taxes is idiotic. Blame kittens and puppies while you're at it, they don't pay taxes. If it's higher taxes you so desire TAX the forestry companies that make money off the National forests. Really tax them. You think Eyman puts up a fight. You ain't seen nothin yet.
Just returned from camping creekside with the family in Eastern Washington, and got by without a campfire: my son put the portable gas BBQ on some rocks in the creek and we roasted marshmallows over that. There were so many bajillion stars in the sky that we didn't notice the lack of crackling wood.