Pop Street Quiz: Warm Vodka or Bananta Cake?


Moo-oooom! Grant Brissey broke the Slog poll!
Poll be broken
I'm guessing he had the vodka before creating this poll.
Dood, the vodka is self sterilizing, even with inebriate backwash; there is no question which'd be better to consume.
@3 - Or the parasites in the cake are now in his brain. And drunk on warm vodka.
Grant, why do you taunt us with these images of treats we can't have (or even vote for!)??
Polling machine suffering from demantia.
Both of these options were so horrible, the poll shut itself down.
The inside of the cake is probably still okay.
Vodka in plastic bottles is nasty to start with. Warm it up in the sun, and it'll taste like paint thinner. Bleh.

And sugar is no good for you. Didn't you get the memo?

So, I'd suggest using the vodka for an alcohol fire and popping the ants in an old pie plate to make a nice all-protein snack.

There ya go!

By the way, I hope they raise the minimum wage soon, so you folks at The Stranger can stop fantasizing about free food and booze and go buy your own.
Are you all ignoring the possibility that maybe he did the poll like that on purpose?
Dominic just posted a video at 12:13 pm and the video has since been removed by the user.
Grant posted a broken poll.
I trust they're having a nice lunch, and they'll be tending to these fixes when they return.
I vote for rum.

Red rum.
I would consume both. The Vodka could be poured onto the cake there by sterilizing the cake and killing the ants. I hear ants taste just like raisins. Or I would dissolve the cake in the vodka there by having a drinkable substance all in one. I would however remove the banana peel.
Oh no—all of the science on this post is ruined!
Now that the poll is fixed, we are reminded again of what lushes Slog readers are.