"Sharpie Parties"


Hooray for Mom Schmader!
Your mom is the coolest. My mom would have been convinced that the ink would have affected the glue in some way, and made us scrub down the walls instead.
I went to a do like this about six years ago. The house was going to be torn down so we went up and down the stairs painting the walls with cartoons and art and text. Then a band or two played. It was like those things where the bands play in the house and then they set the place on fire.
Just highlighting the fact that sharpies aren't actually "destructive" (except maybe "destroying" the paint).
"All the rage" meaning "maybe happened a couple times in Cleveland," just like every youth trend that makes it into the news.

Crying a river for the banks. Poor banks!
I miss the carefree, innocent days of rainbow parties.
@4, well then, that's destructive.

Someone has to spend hundreds or thousands to buy paint, hire a crew, try to match the color and maybe having to repaint the entire room(s). Not fun.
@8 It's a jobs program!
@8, A magic eraser costs five bucks.
@5, makes me nostalgic for those old "wilding" stories. And Moms Schmader does sound great - I was raised to be cautious around people who wallpaper, but she seems like a good 'un.
@8 - If you're selling a house, white isn't all that hard to match. Real estate agents love white.

@2 - My mom would have let us draw on the walls, then she'd discover that the paper she'd picked was cheap enough that the ink would bleed through the paper. Then again, my mom fucking hates wallpaper.
Sharpie bleeds through paint, and shows through even if it doesn't, so you'd better do an undercoat. Cost doubled.

Kicking in the walls? This is terrific why? To spread the scourge of substandard housing in places that need it most?
@13 to be honest though those Bailo loved exurbs are going to be too expensive for poor people to live in as has continues its climb upwards in price. They're the next generation of a ghost town. Until an alternative fuel comes out that makes cars cheap enough to do a long commute, very few can afford to live in those foreclosed housing Devolpements.
Next up, Mansion Looting. Smash and grab mobs.

Coming soon!
I read the title and thought this was going to be about the latest and hottest moral panic. "Teenagers reportedly hosting 'sharpie parties' and using markers to write obscene language on eachother's breasts and genitals! Your kid may be doing this RIGHT NOW!"
@16 - That sounds like fun. I'm going to try that with my no-good friends later this weekend.
@8: You mean the walls they would have had to paint over anyways?
According to @8, this guy just "destroyed" his door...
@14: You got anything to back your assertions up? They sound like utter nonsense.

A magic eraser likely works for crayons, but Sharpie? No way.


I thought it was about people huffing the toxic fumes. Mmm, Sharpie fumes.
I'm huffing whiteboard markers as i type, and it's lovely. It's the smell of autism. But oh, back to, what?, yeah, the damn banks and art and rage and breaking shit. How many times have i been written on with a sharpie? That's be a FUCKTON, bob. And I don't advise it. I also don't advise breaking other peoples shit.

Sidewalk chalk for the concrete. Spray paint, if you can draw. And yeah, sharpies for the only one who's still awake.

I remember doing this too. There was a great one at an old Victorian by the Shell on top of Madison, today there are ugly townhouses in its place.

@20 which one do you want me to backup? That gas is going up and will continue to as the global economy comes back? Or the one about how there's lots of housing Devolpements where nearly every house is foreclosed on?
@20 now that I reread my post, I could see where the confusion came from 'has' should read as 'gas' which I do think raising prices in gas are going to hurt the exurb housing market.
It doesn't matter if it's a person that pays, or the banks, unless there's a good chance that these parties are going to result in the demolition of exurban houses and return the land to forest or agriculture, then destroying the houses just mean more time, money and resources (that would be better used elsewhere) spent on repairing the damage.

But I guess, in order for teenagers to feel like they want to give something back to society, or at the very least, not do any harm, they would need to feel like they haven't been cheated by society, or at the very least feel that society had let them be.